D-Day – V-Day

About project

The name of the project symbolizes the Allies’ journey from D-Day (Normandy landings on June 6, 1944) to V-Day (victory day on May 6, 1945). The basic philosophy behind the project, initiated by the City of Pilsen in cooperation with Patton Memorial Pilsen in 2009, was to not just symbolically link the beginning and the end of the Allied forces’ journey as they liberated the European continent at the end of World War II, but especially link the celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the Normandy landing in June 2009 with the Liberation Festival in Pilsen in 2010.

Over time the international project has been expanded to include further activities, such as cooperation in tourism, exchanges of information and exhibits among museums, and more.

Cooperation of millitary clubs

Thanks to the project, cooperation of czech and foreign clubs of a military history was deepend. Czech fans of a military history regullary participates in a celebration of Allied troops landings in Normandy, participation of foreign clubs upgrade the program of  Liberation Festival in Pilsen.

Showpieces exchange between museums

Luxembourg´s museums  introduced part of its exposures in Patton Memorial Pilsen in 2010.
Tanks, that were liberating Europe in 1945, appeared on Pilsen Republic square during the Liberation festival in 2010.

Patton Memorial Pilsen museum got a symbolic bollard from Normandy for the 65th anniversary of the liberation.

Luxembourg´s museum in Diekirch and Ettelbrück  have participated to the project the most actively yet.

 Ste Mére Eglise  Communauté de Communes 6 rue Eisenhower
 Caen  Musée du Débarquement Utah Beach
   Le Mémorial de Caen – Esplanade Général
   Normandie Mémoire Association
 Arromanches  Musée du Débarquement
  Arromanches 360
Ranville Memorial Pegasus
Musée national d´histoire militaire  
General Patton Memorial Museum  
Ville d´Ettelbruck  


The project also created a number of publications that can be  purchased in Tourist Information Centre at the Republic Square in Pilsen.


Unique book published by the city of Pilsen on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of liberation of the city by the US Army. The book brings personal experiences, memories and testimony of witnesses set in historical events. Great part of the book is dedicated to the liberation of the western Bohemia. The book was published by the Svět křídel publishing house.
The book was published by the city of Pilsen in 2009. In the book, Belgian soldiers are describing their life stories including their services at the 17th Rifle Division, which was a part of the US Army 2nd Infantry Division.
From D-Day to V-Day DVD
At the end of 2010 the city of Pilsen did publish interactive DVD with a calendarium of the process of the US Army during the liberation of Europe. Day after day there are captured procedures of military units accompanied by photographs and maps. On the DVD you will also find stories of American veterans and information about individual units.