Accompanying program

Municipal District of
Pilsen 4
April 18 Remembering the victims of the raid and killed in WW2
9 a.m. – Sousedská  Str., 10 a.m. – Jateční Str.
Plzeň – Křimice April 22
1 p.m.
Ceremony at the Memorial to fallen US airmen and fallen Křimice citizens in the WWI and WWII
Mázhauz of Pilsen town hall, Republic Square April 22 – May 8 „Assassination“
Exhibition about skydivers, their preparation in London, assassination of Heydrich and a execution of Gabčík and Kubiš
Smetanovy sady,
U Branky
brought by The terezin Initiative
April 24
2 p.m.
Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day Continuous reading of the holocaust victims, in which everyone can be involved
Municipal District of
Pilsen 4, Habermann park
April 25
4 p.m.
Ceremony in honor of fallen Czechoslovak airmen from Pilsen-Doubravka and laying flowers at the memorial plaque at the former Conservatory; friendly sitting in MD Pilsen 4
Plzeň – Litice April 26
4,30 p.m.
Ceremony at the American Airmen Memorial
KD Peklo
Pobřežní Str.
May 2 – 14 Pilsen airmen in the fight for freedom 1939 – 1945, their allies and rivals
Exhibition Pilsener pilots in fight for  freedom 1939 – 1945, their alies and rivals. Thirty panels  contains  biographical information of 81 pilots involved in the fight for freedom, details of their allies and opponents. Extensive documentation was provided by Pilsen air historians Ladislav Vitík, Hanuš Salz and Karel Foud, RAF Museum in London in collaboration with the Embassy of Great Britain ,Norwegian Aviation Museum in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, the Luftwaffe Museum in collaboration with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Temporaly fotos were reconstructed by Jiří Plzák.
Smetanovy sady May 2 – 25 „With an Indian on a shoulder“ – exhibition
Story for the 100th anniversary of  the 2nd Infantry Division (1917 – 2017)
On May, it will be 72 years since American soldiers  with an indian symbol on their shoulders appeared in Pilsen, Domažlice and Klatovy.
DEPO2015 May 5 – 21 „The second life“ – exhibition
The main idea behind the exhibition is to show visitors activities of modern war veterans and missions of the Czech Army in foreign operations.
Municipal District of
Pilsen 4
May 5 Laying flowers to the memorials: 9 a.m. – Újezd (Karel Panuška Square), 9.15 a.m. – Hřbitovní Str. (Firehouse), 9.30 a.m. – shooting range Lobzy
Loos interiors
Klatovská Str.19
May 6

10 a.m., 10.45 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 12.15 p.m., 2 p.m., 2.45 p.m., 3.30 p.m., 4.15 p.m.

Guided tours
Pilsen Radio,
Míru Square
May 6
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Open day – brought by Pilsen Radio
Hidden City – neighborhood walks
May 6
10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Explore the city through personal stories and memories
Tourist Information Centre
náměstí Republiky 41
guided tour in English:

May 6
12.30 p.m.

May 7
2 p.m.


Pilsen Changing in Time
Guided tour of the historical city centre of Pilsen shows its visitors Pilsen at the time of its liberation in 1945 and some of the huge changes it went through after theWorld War II. The tour starts in front of the Tourist Information Centre. The tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre or booked online at A free entrance into the Patton Memorial Pilsen  museum valid until 9th May 2017 is included. Tickets: 5 €/2,5€
 Great Synagogue  May 8
7 p.m.
Concert When swing was king – Big Band of Pilsen Conservatory
Moving Station,
Jižní Předměstí
brought by American Center US Point
May 9

2 – 7 p.m.

Pilsen Talks II
Technology Society: The Role of the Human
Experts from the Czech Republic and the United States will discuss the role of humans in the 21st century, and what impact technology has on everyday human life and decision making. Will humans even still be needed?The use of new technology is greatly influencing most spheres of human life. Work that was previously done by humans is now being rapidly replaced by these new technologies. In our conference, „Pilsen Talks II: Technology Society – The Role of the Human,” experts from the Czech Republic and the United States will discuss the role of humans in the 21st century, and what impact technology has on everyday human life and decision making. Will humans even still be needed? Each talk will be followed by a Q/A session, and the whole conference will be concluded with a panel discussion between the speakers. The event will be simultaneously translated.
Football stadium in Štruncovy sady  May 2 – 14 Women’s European Championships U-17 Cup
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